Vanuatu: The Ultimate Pacific Island Getaway

The tropical islands of the western pacific will surely take your breath away. The lush and peaceful scenery complete with pristine white sands and cool blue waters are an ultimate relaxation and romantic getaway for couples and whole family alike. Vanuatu, located in the western region of South Pacific, is one of the most beautiful islands in that side of the globe. It boasts of excellent tourism as the island itself is a perfect spot for vacations, offering great accommodations and even more priceless memories.

The Turtle Island Resort in Espiritu Santo, Vuanatu, is one of the exquisite resorts in the Island. Situated along the eastern coast of Espiritu Santo, it houses splendid amenities, clean and elegant rooms and offers excellent activities which fully utilize its unique location. The north shore of the resort is ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling while the south side of the resort features activities like swimming, kayaking, canoeing and just plain soaking up the sun.

The Paradise Resort, as it is aptly called, is your dream paradise get-away. Its peaceful ambiance, with only 25 spacious huts, it will surely beat the hassle and stress out of your system. Quiet, peaceful and serene, Paradise Resort is one place you will love to stay in. Activities for the adventure-seekers are also found here. Diving, kayaking and snorkeling are also featured as well as its swimming area is perfect as it is safe for high and low tide. Situated in along the coast of Port Villa Bay, it is just a 10-minute ride from the town, allowing for a quick-access getaway.

In Tanna Island, with its own distinct island flavour and culture separate from that of mainland Vuanatu, is your ideal island getaway. Part of this lush location amidst friendly people is the White Grass Ocean Resort. Located only minutes from the airport, the acres of land occupied by the resort boasts of beautiful gardens and offer a wide range of activities which will surely relax and excite the guests during your trip here. Apart from the usual sea activities, mountain biking and an easy 30-minute trek is recommended which showcases the beautiful island’s coastline. Golf, Volleyball, Grass Tennis and Petanque are among the sports activities, along with diving, swimming and sea kayaking, is offered to invigorate your mind and body during your stay here.

These resorts very well cater to the needs of the guests, which will surely make your stay unforgettable, memorable and truly worth experiencing. Vanuatu will surely captivate the heart and soul and in which one could not ask for more from places like these.

Lonely Planet Vanuatu (Lonely Planet Vanuatu)

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