Wellington is the sixth largest city (470,000 residents) and the capital city of New Zealand. As such, its people project it as a model of many sorts, nicknaming it Absolutely Positive Wellington. Aside from this, it calls itself Suprema a situ, which means supreme city.

It was actually a smaller city, until the early 1900′s. By then, boroughs were integrated into the city, making it much larger. Some of these boroughs are Melrose, Onslow, Karori, Miramar, Johnsonville, and Tawa. The city is also divided into communities, in light of its well-funded tourism sector. These communities revolve around different interests, such as arts, finance, museums, shopping, and many more.

As a harbor city, it calls itself Windy Wellington. These winds come from both the northwest and the south; its general climate is temperate. The city itself is located on North Island region’s northern part. The center is called Wellington Harbor, with suburbs surrounding it. There are also many hills around the city. In the end, all these form an impressive scenery that tourists are welcome to experience.

As the capital city, tourists can expect a satisfying travel experience in the city. There are many museums in the city, including the Te Papa (the national museum of New Zealand), Museum of Wellington City and Sea (focused on the maritime history of the city), the Elmscourt (a popular art facility), National Library of New Zealand, and the Central Library.

Nature-lovers can go to the city’s many beaches and wildlife sanctuaries. One is the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, where native birds and reptiles can be seen in their natural habitat. Another is the Oriental Parade, one of the most popular beaches around. Finally, a quick visit to the Sommes Island should be done.


The many hills also serve as lookout points, and can present a refreshing view of the city. These hills are Mount Victoria, Mount Kaukau, Wrights Hill, Brooklyn Windmill, and Massey Memorial. Certainly, Wellington makes space for all kinds of tourist experiences.

Hotels in Wellington

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