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Wanganui is an urban city on the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island. Much of the city lies over the bank of Whanganui River, which is in the southern part of the city. It is not as populous as other bordering cities, with a population of approximately 43,000 people. Also, there are many suburbs in its district.

The Maori has long lived in the city before European settlers arrived. Different tribes inhabited the area until the first English missionaries arrived in 1831. A few years after, the area was called Petre town. In 1854, the town was renamed Wanganui. This name means big harbor.

Most of the city’s features and spots are entertainment facilities and museums. The only natural attraction is perhaps the Whanganui River, which is one of the city’s main sources of economy. Near the river is the Whanganui National Park. This is where different plants and animals can be seen.

Art is an important ingredient in the locals’ lives. This is also the main selling point of city’s tourism. In fact, art exhibition are regularly held in the city. These are modern works of art ranging from paintings to clothes, usually from the students of the acclaimed Wanganui School of Design.

Other museums in the city include the Regional Museum and the Wanganui Riverboat Centre Museum. The Regional Museum is where artifacts and other items of historical value are on display. As for the Riverboat Museum, on the other hand, is where artifacts related to the river are shown. As for New Zealand, British, and European art pieces, tourists should go to Sarjeant Gallery.

Cook’s Garden, located in the city’s center, is one of the country’s premier sports facility. Different national and international games are held here. Tourists often come to Wanganui not only to watch these games, but also to have a taste of genuine New Zealand.


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