The estimated 100,000 population of Tauranga may seem small in itself, but it is actually the fastest growing city in New Zealand. The city has been growing at an annual rate of 1.5%, thanks to its many reforms and developments. In fact, many of the city’s residents are expatriates and retirees enjoying its many natural spots.

Its name is derived from the meaning sheltered anchorage. This is due to its sheltered geography; it is surrounded by Matakana Island and Mauao, an extinct volcano. Because of the volcano’s presence, earthquakes occur every once in a little while. This also gives the region a warm climate, perfect during summertime.

The city Tauranga is actually very popular for its many natural attractions. Outdoor activities are also perfect for the city’s warm and dry climate. Activities such as dolphin-watching, fishing, kitesurfing, white water rafting, hiking, biking, and golfing can be done; there are many establishments and facilities that can make these possible.


An annual festival, the Montana Jazz Festival, is also held in the city. Its celebration is marked by parades, concerts, and parties. Tourists can come during the Easter season to join in the festival’s celebration.

The natural attractions in Tauranga include beaches and natural parks. One beach is the Mount Maunganui Main Beach, which is well visited both in the winter and summer season. The beach is perfect for tanning and surfing. To get a realistic local picture of the city, a visit to the Te Puke Longrdge Farm and the Omakaroa Te Puna Quarry Park should be done. Finally, a climb to the Mauau will provide a mesmerizing view of the Mt Maunganui and Tauranga coastlines. There are also many other lookout points in the city.

Tauranga is the perfect place to be if tourists are looking for a quiet and relaxing destination. Its many natural attractions and warm people will foster that relaxed atmosphere.

Hotels in Tauranga

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