Palmerston North


Palmerston North is known by many names: Student City, Knowledge City, and Rose City. To live up to these titles, the city’s main slogain is “Young Hear, Easy Living”. This is probably because more than half of the city’s 80,000 population comprises people under 25 years old. After all, Palmerson North is where some of the country’s best universities are-Massey University, International Pacific College, and Universal College of Learning.

Palmerson North is located on the North Island’s Manawatu-Wanganui region. To its east are the Manawatu Plains and the Manawatu Region. The climate in the city is temperate, with varying seasons. The favorability of its climate has enabled the construction of wind farm to the city’s south.

Palmerson North borrows its name from its Maori translation, Pamutana. This means “How Beautiful it is”, an obvious reference to the awe the city was associated with.

Largely composed of students and young people, tourists can expect the city to be vibrant and fun-loving. There are many theaters, such as the Centrepoint Theater, Cinema Gold, and the Regent on Broadway. Here, different theater experiences-from watching a movie to a broadway presentation-can be relished.

Also, there are many libraries and universities in Palmerson North. It claims to have some of the best universities in the world, such as the Massey University, the Universal College of Learning, the International Pacific College, and the Aotearoa. There are also secondary schools like the St. Peter’s College and the Freybery High School. To supplement this are the many libraries found across the city; one of the most notable is the City Library.

Parks abound in the city. The most popular is the Victoria Esplanade, where there are gardens, playing areas, sports grounds, and an aviary. Another well-visited park is the Ongley Manawaroa Park.

Music and sports are two important aspect of life in Palmerson North. The many bars (The Stomach, Bar Mode, Swampfest, etc.) and sports figures (Munro, Perks, etc.) are proofs of this.

Hotels in Palmerson North

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