Napier is located in southeastern part of Hawke Bay, a region in North Island of New Zealand. It has a population of about 55,000 people. It is among the cities with the most number of sunshine hours, an important factor in a country that barely experiences sunlight.

Probably the most important point of Napier’s history is the 1931 earthquake. Aside from killing at least 250 people, it also destroyed most of the city’s structures. Most of the town was then decorated based on the Art Deco style. With the earthquake, these cultural and historic structures were destroyed.

The restoration of Napier came quickly after, with Art Deco still being the main architectural style of most structures. Aside from buildings in Art Deco, there are many tourist attractions and events that lure travelers from all over the world.

One festival is the Wine & Food Festival. Wine and food are two lucrative yields of the city, as it has many wineries and farms. Another event is the Mission Concert, where many renowned artists like Kenny Rogers and Ray Charles have already performed. Every weekend, the Art Deco weekend is celebrated. This celebration is simply a showcase of the locals’ talents in the style.

One of the outstanding museums here is the Hawke’s Bat Museum and Art Gallery. Not only does it have information on Napier’s culture, it also has factual data about the past events in the city. Another is the National Aquarium, where the aquatic species found in New Zealand waters can be found collectively. Marineland is just as amazing an attraction. Finally, there’s Soundshell, popular for its different features on sound and music.

For an exotic visit, tourists usually go to Cape Kidnappers. This is where gannet colonies can be found. These birds are rare, and only show up seasonally.

With all these attractions, who wouldn’t want to go Napier?

Hotels in Napier

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