On the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island is Hastings, a city of 74,000 people. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, with the expansion of industries and establishment of many buildings in the area.


The name Hastings is actually only one of the many names the city has had. Many historians believe the town is originally called Hicksville, though this was never factually proven. As a matter of fact, Kamaru was one of its first names. In 1873, it was formally named Hastings.


Because it is located on the Heretaunga Plains, Hastings enjoys fertile and agricultural lands. In fact, it is considered as New Zealand’s Fruit Bowl. Honey and tomatoes are only some of the popular produces of the city.

Tourism in Hastings is one of its key concerns. In 1931, most of its buildings were destroyed by the Napier earthquake. This, however, has only allowed the reconstruction of better tourist attractions. This also includes more business establishments.

One new attraction is Splash Planet, a water theme park, where all sorts of aquatic activities can be enjoyed. There are also many wineries, given the many vineyards in the city. This includes the Craggy Range Vineyard, the Ngatarawa Wines, the Vidal Estate Winery, and the Prenzel on the Bay.

There are many beaches and rivers in the city, not all of which though are safe for swimming. The most popular is the Clive River, where water activities like kayaking and jet boating are allowed. Another beach is the Ocean Beach, popular especially during the summer season. The Waimarama Beach is not as pristine as the two mentioned beaches, but it is a popular venue for parties and other events. For kids, the Tukituki River is a safe swimming place. When visiting Hastings, swimming should never be off the list.

Hotels in Hastings

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