Gisborne is a city located on the northern part of the East Coast. The East Coast is in the North Island of New Zealand. The city has a population of 46,000 and is concentrated on Poverty Bay, leaving most parts of the region largely uninhabited. Though already urbanized, the city has a distinct rural feel-thanks to the forests and natural parks around the city. It is also known as the City of Rivers, because of the three rivers meeting at the city.


The city was discovered by James Cook in the late 1760′s. According to records, the first and most notable quality of the area are its magnificent views and landforms. These landforms include hills and natural gardens.

Largely visited during the holiday season, there are many things to see and visit in the city of Gisborne. A few are the many gardens found within and outside the city. There are many botanical gardens, such as the Gisborne Botanical Gardens, where many historic and rare plant species can be found. There are also foreign trees here, such as those from Europe and China. There are other gardens, such as the Eastwoodhill Arboretum and the Hackfalls Arboretum; these gardens mostly contain majestic trees.

A nice lookout point is the Kaiti Hill. Going there will take a relaxing hike or walk. Here, a people can have a spectacular view of the city and the many rivers. There are also many white beaches, such as those in Waikanae and Midway. These are also perfect for surfing and other aquatic activities.

Two events are widely celebrated in Gisborne. One is the Dawn Raid Beach Out-a concert event where local bands from Dawn Raid perform. Another is the Rhythm and Vines concert. This is another concert event where popular bands in New Zealand perform.

There are many forests outside the city. These are mostly untouched, though. These forests, along with the attractions within Gisborne, make for an adventurous traveling experience.

Hotels in Gisborne

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