With just 350,000 locals, Christchurch is already the second largest city in New Zealand. It is located on Canterbury on South Island. Aside from being a coastal city, a large body of river, Avon, runs across the city. The bodies of water within and around the city influence its climate, temperate and favorable.


The history of Christchurch explains its many majestic structures. It was colonized by the English around 1850. Since then, they built different buildings and roads reminiscent of their architectural style. These include the Bridle Path, the Summit Road, and the Christchurch Cathedral.Also notable in the city’s history is its many expeditions to Antarctica. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as it is considered the Gateway to Antarctica.

One of the primary tourist spots is the Christchurch Cathedral. Built in 1904, tourists flock the Cathedral not only to visit this world-renowned landmark but also to go to the Cathedral Square. In the Cathedral Square, many activities such as concerts, parades, and other events are held. This is where the city’s vibrancy can be felt by the tourists themselves.

There are also many art galleries and museums, including the Arts Centre and the Art Gallery. In the Arts Centre, there are about 40 business venues and establishments that sell and showcase local art. Plus, there’s a show of the city’s local bands every weekend, from morning until noon. The Art Gallery, on the other hand, is a place purely for the observation and admiration of art. Currently the largest museum in the region, it houses over 5000 art pieces.

Wildlife encounters are easy to come by in Christchurch. One of these is the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, a small park with rare species such as kiwi. Another is the Souther Encounter Aquarium & Kiwi House. In here, there are rare aquatic species, some of which can only be found in the region. Also, there’s the Orana Wildlife Park, known as the largset wildlife reservation of endagered species all over the world. These nature parks must be visited by anyone going to Christchurch.

Hotels in Christchurch

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