Auckland is actually an ambiguous term that may refer to a city, a metropolitan area that consists of four cities, or to a whole region in the northern part of New Zealand. The city itself is located on an isthmus, with many gulfs surrounding it. This explains the presence of many suburbs in the city, such as the Western Bats, Eden-Albert, Avondale-Roskill, and Hobson. Aside from the presence of gulfs, there are about 48 volcanoes-forming the Auckland Volcanic Field.

Auckland city was restructured in November 1989, merging it with localities within the city’s proximity. Since then, there have been 185 registered ethnic groups in the region. These ethnic groups vary from Europeans and Asians, to Pacific Islanders and Maori.

There are many reasons to visit the city. For one, it is considered as one of the cities with the best quality of life. Most of the locals here are genuinely accommodating and warm, so tourists should not have a problem getting around the city.

Aside from the people living in the city, there are also many landmarks that every tourist should see. One is the Auckland War Museum. Aside from war mementos from the city’s historic past, there is also a park built around an extinct volcano. Another museum is the New Zealand National Maritime Museum. Being surrounded by gulfs and other bodies of water gave the name ‘City of Sails’ to it. The museum itself proves this. Lastly, tourists should visit the MOTAT or Museum of Transport and Technology. Unlike other museums, this one enables interaction with visitors.

The city is also rich in wildlife, with destinations such as the Auckland Zoo and the Regional Botanic Gardens. The zoo has some of the widest variety of species placed in their natural habitats. The Botanic Gardens, on the other hand, is place to thousands of plant species that tourists can touch and look at. Truly, Auckland is a place both for animal-and plant-lovers.

Hotels in Auckland

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