Ra Visitors Guide


The province of Ra occupies the northern part of the island of Viti Levu, which, in turn, is the largest island in the county. It is one of the eight provinces that make up the island. The province covers a land area of 1341 sq. km and, as of the 2007 census, has a population of 29,464. Vaileka is the main urban center in the province.

Ra covers four districts: Saivou, Nakorotubu, Nalawa and Rakiraki. Each district has its own paramount chief. This setup is different from all other provinces in Fiji where in a single paramount chief presides over the whole province. A provincial council governs over the whole of Ra.

The province is also known for its distinctive Fijian dialect. One will know a native of Ra based on how he pronounces the consonant /t/. In the province, this consonant is pronounced in the form of a glottal stop.

Located on the northern part of Viti Levu, it is undergoing a lot of developments to become a suitable travel base for exploring the rest of the island. Over the next several years, the provincial government is exploring new ways to develop its natural resources and its harbour to provide more reliable connections to the northern islands particularly the Vanua Levu.

From Ra, travellers can easily get to the capital city of Suva by car but they will probably need a tour guide to get elsewhere. Well known attractions that are located around the island include the Pacific Harbour resort center, the Natadola Beach and the Coral Coast. The island is said to be inhabited longer than neighboring Vanua Levu. Oral traditions state that the first settlers on the island came through Vuda Point and created the oldest settlement in Fiji, Viseisei.

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