Exploring Kadavu


Kadavu is one of the largest islands in Fiji and is part of the volcanic archipelago called Kadavu Group which is, in turn made up of the islands of Ono, Galoa, Kadavu and smaller islands along the Great Astrolabe Reef.

The island’s main administrative center is the town of Vunisea which features an airport offering connections to the other islands of Fiji, a hospital, a high school and government offices. The capital of Fiji, Suva, is located to the north of the island.

Kadvau is one of the fourteen provinces that make up the eastern part of Fiji. It is actually one of the underdeveloped areas in the territory. The roads have yet to be paved and farming drives the local economy. You wouldn’t find banks in the island but tourism is an upcoming industry.

For a lot of tourists, the island is considered one of the best-kept secrets of Fiji. It features a number of natural attractions that cater to adventure enthusiasts and lovers of the outdoors. For instance, Kadavu is now known for its great snorkelling and scuba diving sites.

Plans are currently under way to develop the roads all over the island. The local government is also looking into upgrading the jetties that link the area with the largest island in Fiji.

Visiting Kadavu is an interesting experience for the adventure seeker. It is best for backpacking holidays because most of its areas are still undeveloped. You will still get to experience the natural and untarnished beauty of the surroundings. For accommodations, it’s going to be difficult to find a hotel that offers the modern comforts that one might expect. This actually opens an opportunity for travelers to live in the midst of the locals, as the best accommodation arrangements they can find are probably small lodging homes.

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