A Look at Bua


Bua is a provincial commune in Fiji that is mostly inhabited by indigenous Fijians. In fact, it is one of the communal constituencies that are reserved for the indigenous communities. Of the remaining ones, 23 are for the ethnic communities while 25 are classified as Open Constituencies which are elected through universal suffrage.

The province of Bua is located on the island of Vanua Levu to the north of the country. For those who are going to travel to the island, it is mainly connected to Viti Levu, the main and largest island, via ferries that go to and from the Bua Bay and into the harbour and port in Nabouwalu on the southern coast of Vanual Levu.

Bua is just one of the three provinces that make up Vanua Levu. The other ones are Cakaudrove in the south east of the island and Macuata to the north east. Together, they comprise the Fijian Northern Division. Venua Levu and the remote Lau Islands as well as their outliers are part of the Tovata Confederacy. This is one of the three traditional alliances that were forged by the chiefs of Fiji.

For the tourist looking for a different kind of holiday, Venua Levu is a good option in Fiji. Just like the rest of the territory, it offers beautiful beaches and magnificent natural sceneries that are suitable for the lover of the outdoors. During their stay in Bua, tourists can simply head to one of the beaches in the area where most of the entertainment and leisure options are hosted. Popular activities include snorkelling, fishing and windsurfing. Tourists can also go on guided treks and hikes to the Mount Batini which is one of the highest peaks on the island. Further north east, they can also scale Mount Thurston, the highest mountain in the area.

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