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Townsville, with a population of 143,000 people, is a city in the Australian state Queensland. It is unofficially considered as the capital of North Queensland, with the many administrative and political activities in the region. It is also a largely urban center with many business activities revolving around tourism.

The establishment of the city began when a port was built along Cleveland Bay. The construction of buildings then expanded to place like Ross Creek and Castle Hill. Its establishment was furthered when it expanded to Shire land and Thuringowa Shire. Its neighboring cities include Brisbane to the north and Cairns to the south. It is also located along bodies of water like the Ross River and the Cleveland Bay.

The tourist destinations in Townsville are varied. There are historical museums, historic buildings and structures, natural attractions, and entertainment facilities.
The natural attractions include beaches, lakes and hills. One is the Castle Hill, where one can get a bird’s eye view of the city, as well as the Magnetic Island to the east. A visit to the Reef HQ Aquarium will show tourists the aquatic life on the Great Barrier Reef. There are two large aquatic tanks where fishes and sharks of all kinds can be seen. As for the lakes, there’re the Lake Ross and Lake Paluma; in here, native species of birds and animals can be seen in their habitats. Finally, the beaches in the city include the Bushland Beach, the Saunders Beach, the Toomulla Beach, and the Toolakea Beach.

The Museum of Tropical Queensland displays historic artifacts, such as those found in the sunken ship HMS Bounty.
There are many entertainment facilities in Townsville to choose from. One is the Riverway, where enjoyable activities such as swimming, fine dining, fishing, and shipping can be done. Another is the Tony Ireland Stadium, a gigantic stadium where special gathering usually take place. The Riverway Arts Centre, on the other hand, has wowed tourists for its glass roof, which ventilates the whole structure well.

Hotels in Townsville

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