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Toowoomba is the largest inland regional city in the Australian state Queensland. With a population of more than 95,000 people, this city is also considered a provincial city. Its form of government is somewhat distinct from the other cities in Australia, as it holds local elections among eight rural electorates to form the Toowoomba Regional Council.

The city is also known as the Garden City for its rich soil and many native plant species. This term dates back as early as when t was founded in 1816 by Allan Cuningham, a botanist. The richness of the city’s land is owed to the many landforms surrounding it. It lies over the Great Dividing Range. There are two valleys to the north, as well as springs and creeks.

Tourists can enjoy a lot of things in Toowoomba. These activities range from the pleasurable to the exotic. The best time to come here, though, is during the many festival celebrations in the city. One is the world famous Flower Festival. There are many gardens and parks in the city, and the best time to see them in bloom is during the festival, which is celebrated during September. In this festival, there are also parades, where floats brimming with flowers can be seen. There are also competitions, one of which is the Home Garden Competition, where the house with the best garden wins.

The distinct architectural flavor of the city can also be seen in structures such as the Empire Theater, the City Hall, and the Cobb & Co Museum. Activities and notable events are also held in these structures.

For sure, there are many parks in the Garden City. These parks are different from those in other places, as they are well-kept and lush. Some of these parks also allow outdoor activities like picnics and barbecue grills. Some of these parks are the Picnic Point and the Queens Park and Botanical Gardens.

Hotels in Toowoomba

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