Aboriginal people first settled in Sydney not less than 30,000 years ago. The estimated number of people inhabiting the region then was 8.000. These Aboriginal people were further divided into clans, which spoke three different dialects: Darug, Guringai, and Dharawal. The first trace of colonization was done by James Cook. It was then named after Lord Sydney, who gave the permission to establish a colony in the region.

Its geography is immune to earthquakes. To the east is the Pacific Ocean and to the north is the Hawkesbury River. Sydney is placed in two regions: the Cumberland Plan in the south and west, and the Hornsby Plateru in the north. Also, it is known for its many natural harbors and beaches, including the famous Port Jackson and the Bondi Beach. As for its climate, it experiences summer and winter. The summers are known to be marked with bushfires. During winter, the temperature is mildly cool.

It is famous for its many buildings and structures. One is the Opera House in the city, where the best operas have been held over time. Another is the Centerpoint Tower, also known as the Sydney Tower. It is where large restaurants and shopping centers can be found. The Olympic Park can also be found here. It was built in 2000 for the celebration of the Olympics.
Because of its rich historic heritage, many museums and preserved areas can be visited. This includes The Rocks and Parramatta, which reveal structures from its early settlers. Other historical areas include the City, Manly, and Eastern Suburbs. Also, there are many museums that highlight different aspects of Australia. These are the Australian Museum, Powerhouse Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art,  and the Australian National Maritime Museum.

There are also many botanical gardens and zoos in the place. Some of these are the Taronga Zoo, Koala Park Sanctuary, Sydney Wildlife World, Australian Reptile Park, and Featherdale Wildlife Park. S

Hotels in Sydney

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