With a population of 1.5 million, Perth is the largest city in the Western Australia state. It is also the fourth largest city in the whole of Australia. It is known as the “City of Light” and one of the most isolated cities in Australia, being at the far west of Australia and situated in Swan River. In 2008, The Economist ranked it as the fourth most livable city in the world.
Perth was first discovered by the Swan River colony, led by Captain James Stirling. A few years after, its economy was boosted by the discovery of gold and other valuable minerals. This helped shaped the metropolis’ architecture.

Geographically, it is far from other neighboring cities such as Melbourne and Sydney. It is nearer to other countries like Singapore and Indonesia. Thus, it shares the climate of these neighboring countries: Mediterranean climate, characterized by  hot summers and dry winters.

There are many tourist destinations in Perth. This includes parks, museums, and historical areas. One is the Kings Park, where different endemic plant and animal species can be found. Another park is the Whiteman Park, found in the Northern outskirts. In this national park are kangaroos and other animals which young people can interact with. Also, the Perth Zoo is the perfect place to see animals only to be found in this part of the country.

The Perth Cultural Centre is a large complex where museums and other art galleries can be found. The State Library, where historical documents can be found, is also here. There are also amazing and unique structures to be found in Claisebrook Cove. The distinct Australian architecture can be thoroughly observed here.

Because Perth is bordered by a vast body of water, many beaches and natural ports can be visited by tourists. This includes the Fremantle and Hillarys Boat Harbour. Fremantle is a port town where markets and the Maritime Museum can be found. In the Hilary Boat Harbour, picnics and swimming excursions can be done.

Hotels in Perth

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