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Tasmanian settlers discovered Melbourne in 1835. By 1850, it became a major trade hub because of the discovery of huge amounts of gold. This turned it into a wealthy region and soon, it then became the largest city. However, this growth slowed down as it experienced a depression and a slowing down of economy. Today, it is next largest city to Sydney.

It is situated in the southeast part of Australia. The city is characterized by hills and valleys such as Yarra Valley, Macedon Ranges, You Yangs peak and Olivers Hill. There are also bodies of water, like rivers, creeks, and beaches. These include the Maribyrnong River, St Kilda Beach and the Plenty River. As for the climate, it is usually dynamic—rainfalls and cloudy skies are two things that can happen in one day.

There are many attractions—both modern and historic—in Melbourne for the tourist. This includes the Federation Square, which is popular for its many bars and eating places. Another is the Queen Victoria Market, where both dry and wet goods are sold. In here, souvenirs can be bought for half the price in other shopping centers. In Southgate, there are also restaurants, art markets, and bars. Finally, Dockland is also a shopping centre, which guarantees both a lovely look at the city, as well as affordable items.

Historical places in the city include the Melbourne Museum, and the Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens. The museum is a seven-level structure that showcases the heritage of the region. The latter is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that shows actual sites of the early civilization.

There are also parks and zoos, perfect for young people. The Melbourne Zoo, for one, is a place for exotic and endemic animals that can only be found in Australia. It is also a perfect family venue. Another is the Luna Park, an amusement park along the beaches of St Kilda.

Hotels in Melbourne

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