Launceston, a city in the northern part of Australian state Tasmania, is the  second most populous city in the state. With a population of about 99,000 people, Launceston is only second to the Hobart.

First discovered in 1798 by Bass and Flinders, this city is one of the earliest cities in Australia. It was first colonially settled by the Europeans in 1806. The structures built during this period are now considered historic landmarks. Also, this period was when the city’s name was formally established. It was named after a town with the same name in Cornwall, United Kingdom.
The city lies among the regions South Esk, North Esk, and Tamar Rivers. The city consists of many suburbs, with the city’s center being home to landmarks such as the Inveresk Precinct and the Aurora Stadium.

Tourism plays a big part in Launceston, as there are many attractions that can be visited here. Most of these attractions are museums, art galleries, historic buildings, parks, and natural sceneries. Some of the popular museums include the National Motor Museum and the Victoria Museum and Art Gallery. The Victoria Museum and Art Gallery is the largest of its kind in the region. It showcases the different art pieces of Victorian art.

There are many parks in the city, like the City Park. The biggest park in the city, it is also where the Japanese Macaque monkeys are. These are valuable artifacts that came from Japan. Another is the Royal Park, where remains of Chinese buildings and structures can be visited.
Many of the buildings in Launceston are usually after the Victorian and Georgian architecture. Excellent examples are the Holyman House, the Albert Hall, and the Launceston Synagogue. There are also similar buildings along St. John street.

Finally, a ride on Cataract George’s chairlift will give tourists a view of the breathtaking scenery of the city, as well as an impressive view of the river’s pristine waters.

Hotels in Launceston

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