Gold Coast-Tweed


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The Gold Coast is an agglomerate of various urban areas in the state of Queensland. This makes Gold Coast a coastal city branching to numerous parts of southeast Queensland. It was once a jargon for the many coastal towns, including Tweed Heads and Surfers Paradise. Because of this, the history of the city is wide-scattered.
Located in the coast, the city has a generally favorable and warm climate. This makes the beaches and natural ports of the city well-visited. Also, this is the reason why retirees usually choose to live here.

Gold Coast-Tweed is one of the more popular areas in Gold Coast. In here are museums, beaches, and many attractions. It is also famous for its many festivals and annual events. Set in an ancient volcanic landscape,  it earned the title Australia’s Green Cauldron.

Artists of all types are in Gold Coast-Tweed. This is why art galleries and museums abound in the area. One is the Red Rattlers Gallery in Tweed Valley. Here are local pottery, stained glass art pieces, native crafts, and other items. There are also restaurants and cafes here. Another is the Stoker Siding Pottery, where a picturesque view of local pottery can be seen. For porcelain and other glassware dating back to the 1800’s, the Old Butcher Shop Gallery is the perfect place.

Gold-Coast Tweed is also the perfect opportunity to indulge tropical senses. One favorite destination is the Tropical Fruit World, a large centre where some of the rarest fruits and delicacies exclusive in the region can be found. Another is the Fingal Dive Charters where snorkeling and scuba diving can be relished in three routes: Rainbow Bay, Snapper Rocks, and Greenmount.  These places brim with aquatic life. Whale watching can also be done here, for a period of three hours. Also offering a unique wildlife experience is the Parrot Garden, where tourists can interact with animals such as donkeys, alpacas, and llamas. There are also cafes, bars and restaurants in the area.

Hotels in Gold Coast-Tweed

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