With a population of approximately 161,000 people, Geelong is the second most populous city in its state Victoria and is the twelfth most populous city in Australia. Despite being a provincial city, it thrives in tourism and industrial activity. It is also a port city, strategically located on Barwon River and Corio Bay. 47 miles southwest is Melbourne, the largest city in Victoria.
The city was officially named Geelong by then Governor Richard Burke in 1837. It was named after Jillong, which means ‘cliffs’. By 1840, it became an industrial center that catered to manufacturing industries such as wool, paper, and rope.  Many of the historic structures in the city were built during this period.
The tourist attractions in Geelong range from the historical landmarks to the natural views. About 60 buildings of Victorian architecture can be found here. The architecture is mirrored in structures such as the post office and the museums in the city. As for museums, one of the most notable is the National Wool Museum. It is supposedly one of its kind, since it features an industry dear to the city’s heart.
There are many parks in the city, such as the You Yangs Regional Park and the Balyang Sanctuary. The You Yangs Regional Park is about 20 kilometers north of the city. It is popular for its many walks. The Balyang Sanctuary, on the other hand, is a park with wetlands and lakes. It suffered drought in 2007, but was again revived by the winter. There are also many local plant and animal species here, including Eurasian coot, silver gulls, mallard, and the dusky moorhen.

The most popular tourist destination, however, is the Waterfront Geelong. It is a complex of different attractions. One is the Baywalk Bollards, which shows different sculptures of renowned individuals. Another is the Yarra Street Pier, where many restaurants and cafes overlooking a spectacular view are. There is also the Eastern Beach, probably the most famous beach in the city.

Hotels in Geelong

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