Aside from being its capital city, Darwin is also the most populous city in the otherwise scarcely inhabited state of Northern Territory. Darwin is also located in Timor Sea, a location which makes it relatively far from other Australian cities and near Asian countries like Brunei, East Timor, and Indonesia. Its location also makes it the most multicultural city in Australia, with a mix of over 50 nationalities.

The colorful history of the city is both of tragedy and progress. Its location makes it vulnerable to natural calamities, one of which is the Cyclone Tracy in 1974. This calamity almost virtually wiped out the structures of the city. Its progress began years later, when it experienced an upgrade in port and tourism facilities. Also, it became a major cultural melting pot of countries from Southeast Asia.
The tourist destinations in Darwin earned it the title Backpackers’ Paradise. This is because most of the spots in the city are for young people, such as teenagers. Most natural attractions offer wild outdoor activities, and the nightlife bustles with bars and night clubs.
The amount of natural and wildlife sceneries in Darwin is breathtaking. Some of the crocodile parks are the Crocodylus Park not far from the airport, the Adelaide River Jumping Crocodile Cruise, and the Darwin Crocodile Park, home to almost 10,000 crocodiles. A close interaction with butterflies is possible through the Batchelor Butterfly and Petting Farm, where rare butterflies in botanical gardens can be touched and seen. In this park, there are other animals such as guinea pigs, peacocks, fishes, and galah birds.
Tourists must also visit the Tiwi Island and the Berry Springs. These are perfect places to dip, swim and sunbathe. Festivals are also held in these places most of the time.
As for the nightlife in the city, these are usually found in Mitchell Street. In here are restaurants of all sorts and nightclubs perfect for every young soul.

Hotels in Darwin

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