A city in the Australian state Queensland, Cairns is a Local Government Area with a population of 123,000 people. The economic activity in this city primarily revolves around tourism and agricultural activities, like the manufacturing of sugar cane and other native fruits.

The city is not only known for its many famous tourist attractions. Its geography is also considered as an entry point to many other paradises, such as the Great Barrier Reef, the Cape Tribulation to the north, Cooktown, Atherton Tablelands, and Cape York Peninsula. Cairns is also unique among other Australian cities because of the presence of many rainforests surrounding the area.

Tourists can do a lot of things here to enjoy the city. There are, however, no beaches in the area, as forests and rivers surround the city. There are, however, the swimming areas, both artificial and natural. The most popular is the Cairns esplanade. This is a swimming lagoon perfect for picnic activities, barbecue grilling, and other family-oriented activities.

Among the many activities that can be done here include walking, diving, snorkeling, ballooning and even sailing. The many rainforests allow for leisure walking the 200 Tropical Walking Tracks in town. As for diving and snorkeling, there are predetermined packages that can are available in the coral reefs and the beaches near the city. Tourists must contact one of the many offices offering such service. The weather in the region is also perfect for sky activities like skydiving and ballooning. The city supposedly offers the cheapest prices, as there are many companies offering this service. As for sailing, this is possible by going to the Marlin Wharf in Marlin Marina. There is also a floating museum displaying different artifacts from the 16th century.

Aside from the mentioned, there are also many sport events in Cairns. In Cazaly’s Stadium, cricket, rugby and basketball games are regularly played.

Hotels in Cairns

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